Rubber Side Up 09 Dec 8, 2014

Photo by Sean Talkington

Bad lines, good times. Today, Ty took Sean and me up this rain canyon in the Angeles Forest. After Ty rode the entire thing with ease, it was my turn – Sean opted out – so he stood back and watched me have at it.

This one of those moments where you say “that’s a bad place to plant my front wheel”, as your wheel slides out and you go over the bars.


  • Pradi Shigari

    What’s the damage?

  • mark montgomery

    What trail is this?

  • Carter K. Quinn

    There is something almost comforting and purely terrifying at just that moment when you say to yourself, “Yep, I’m going over the bars now.” And there’s nothing more you can do.

    • Wade Stevens

      so true!

  • Hahaha, great timing on that one!