It’s the Rider Not the Bike Dec 23, 2014

Sam Pilgrim proves once again that it is the rider, not the bike, that matters. The gap toothed mad man from Essex doesn’t seem to be at all phased by dropbars and aero rims while putting his road bike to the test throughout Southern California.

  • …needs a dropper post.

    • Johnny Burrell

      needs to cut the excess strap on his helmet. :) A BF on a road bike is pretty unbelievable. I guess when you ride like that you can have your helmet strap as long as you like…

      • backflips are easy compared to a lot of the stuff he did here.

        • Johnny Burrell

          Yea, it’s like picking your favorite cookie out of a sea of cookies. The tree ride was awesome as well. No handed BF. The skateboard thing must have taken a few tries to land. This is a 4:38 video that takes an hour to watch :)