The Photos that Made Mountain Biking Cool Dec 10, 2014

This is so rad. Actually, it predates rad, this is the crescendo of cycling and dirt.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    The most inspiring cycling photos in the cycling world. When fun was the only reason to ride bikes.

  • Nicholas Haig-Arack

    I just met Wendy Cragge at a signing of Charlie Kelly’s new book, Fat Tire Flyer, from Velo Press. She and the rest of the gang- including Joe Breeze and my personal OG dirt hero, Jacquie Phelan- were all very kind, and looking fit, giving us something to look forward to as we age.

    In an era of speed-obsessed strava jocks and gravity bros and aggressively normal yuppies, it’s nice to be reminded of the roots of mountain biking, when it was just a bunch of kooks, outsiders and weirdos getting high on dirt.

  • jim cassa

    I found your site because of all the great bike info, but I love your site because of all the ancillary information. I’ve found wonderful photographers, writers, and artists. This entire UC series is fascinating and informative. I love following the threads that bind us all all together. Oops, getting too philosophical. Time for a whiskey( another nod). Thanks

  • Crmsnghst

    The link above is an AWESOME compendium of Wendy’s photos and other mountain bike history. As a proud son of Marin County, being able to LIVE mountain bikes history is something Im more proud of then anything. That being said, “Repack” is way less fun that they make it out to be. A mineshaft of a fireroad with loose off-camber turns is not my ideal decent…but its pretty awesome of Thanksgiving.