Nutmeg Country Dec 2, 2014


Benedict, aka Ultra Romance knows how to keep warm during the cold winter months in the Northeast and there’s a new blog on Tumblr showcasing the majestic landscapes and shredscapes of this region.

Nutmeg Country is worth the click-through, just be prepared for tons of epic bërm blåsting and dudes, don’t let your lady see these photos or she’ll be boarding a plane…

  • Jamie McKeon

    man that tumblr is good. i never wanna know what poppi does for a living (to support 365 shred days all over the USA all year), the magic would be gone

    • Lars

      Dude it is worth knowing. I won’t tell, but he’s even cooler when you know how he makes a living.

      • Jamie McKeon

        this is probably the best answer possible then!

      • You mean working on a fishing boat?

        • Jamie McKeon

          *shattering glass sound*

        • Lars

          You spoiled it. I wanted to leave him guessing.

          • I mean, he has photos on his Instagram of him fishing…

  • stateofnonreturn

    Following guys like him and @rmdub has been one of the best things about having instagram. Very inspirational. And of course you John, a huge thanks!

    • Add @bokanev in there and you have a trifecta

  • michaelvsShark

    He inspired my current setup:

  • neat. thanks for the good words, guys! i’m having a lot of fun with the tumblr and instagram. poppi may be nomadic for half of the year but he is a nutmeggar to the core. last year we shot the Mando Rando video, which ended up on this site randomly.

    • Poppi and I were sexting one night and he sent it to me. Keep at it, love the photos!

      • i’ve woken up with him in my sleeping bag more times than i care to admit or remember. i wish i was joking. thanks, though!

  • Moreadventurous

    Completely off topic, and a little late, but how do you like that Helix coffee dripper compared to an Aeropress for bikepacking?