Mission Workshop’s AP Remi Hooded Blazer and Styrman Topcoat Dec 5, 2014


Remi Hooded Blazer

Mission Workshop’s Advanced Projects line has continued to grow, most recently with two waterproof, tailored outerwear pieces: the Remi Hooded Blazer and Styrman Topcoat. Each of these pieces hold true to the AP line with fully taped seams, pockets and ported media pockets.

These two pieces are cut for movement, but hardly look like any cycling apparel the brand has launched thus far. More details are in the works with the official release coming in the near future.

Come check out these two pieces in person tonight, along with the new ACRE series apparel at the Mission Workshop store opening in SF and see more photos below.


Remi Hooded Blazer


New snap detail.


Styrman Topcoat


Styrman Topcoat

  • JoshHayes

    Look at that fucking Blue Steel!

    • jonedevil

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  • Stay Rad

    Thats some Blade Runner shit right there!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Aeon Flux (movie). In a really good way. The Styrman is me all day.

  • Harry

    4th pic is the Scott Schuman pose

  • tom

    Looking like a top man in the topcoat…

  • Romain

    couldn’t find the blazer on the website. is it still for sale or has it been renamed ? Thanks.