Mike Flanigan Closes ANT to Work for Seven Cycles Dec 1, 2014




Last month, Mike Flanigan made the announcement that he’ll be closing the doors to ANT and accepting a welding position at Seven Cycles. Mike is very much tied to the Boston-area and frame building, originally working for Fat City Cycles and more recently, opening a small frame-building school of his own, all while making his “Alternative Needs Transportation” bikes.

The Northeast is the US’ backbone for framebuilding and it’s sad to see Mike close ANT, but I’m glad to see he’ll still be making frames.

If you’d like to help Mike out with his relocation costs, he’s selling commemorative shirts, hats, chainrings and head badges as a meager fundraiser. Head over to the ANTBikeMike blog for more details.

  • Kyle Kelley

    What the HELL!

    • I know… :-(

      the “good” news is, Mike will continue to make small batches of frames on the side.

  • boomforeal

    definitely a bummer to hear mike is closing down ANT. his understated yet striking designs were/are inspiring

  • Hollis Duncan

    I bought an IF Crown Jewel in 1997. Just over a year ago I took it to IF 2.0 in Newmarket, NH for a respray. When I walked in with the frame they held it up and could tell by looking at the welds that it was Mike’s which he also painted. What’s more Mike and Tyler Evans signed my original warranty card digitally on Flickr 15 years later. That’s standing by your work and craftsmanship. I will always love that; a simple gesture but one that tells you everything you need to know about Mike Flanigan.

  • Matt G

    I took a class with Mike this summer and he went far above and beyond anything I thought I was going to learn or understand. Even after the class came to a close he continues to teach and assist me on my way. In conclusion I saw him ride surfer down a hill through traffic on an electrical bike, nuff said.