Mash SF: Film Canister Purist Bottles Dec 18, 2014


As I was dropping a few rolls of film off yesterday, I thought to myself “I wonder who will make the first film canister bicycle bottles?” Well, that answers that. Personally, this is my all time favorite bottle flip.

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  • Sean Noonan

    Probably should have been Velvia 50 (rated at 25), but still rad enough to get a couple.

  • Smashing it!

  • These are awesome, but I wish they were the bigger size. I don’t like small bottles.

    These are so good I might buy them anyways though.

  • david

    thank you for this. just bought two

  • Harry

    Tri-X please

    • asdfsky

      yes, please Tri-X or TMAX would be awesome.

  • H-no

    No Tri-X? useless..

  • Doug Landers

    Tri-x is the classic but hp5 pushed to 1600 is beautiful