Why I Love San Francisco! Dec 14, 2014

That dirty, dense urban fabric tears apart to bring in nature, which in turn, allows for trails, all within a few miles of the central banking district but don’t forget to cross the bridge. I betcha all that dirt in Marin is ripping right now.

Here’s another great video from Kitsbow.

  • testy

    This guy is not that good at MTB.

    • Allen K


    • that’s not the point.

    • Jon B.

      Dude. Karl is actually a really strong rider and athlete. It’s a video, he did what they wanted him to do. It’s not candid camera secretly capturing him in the middle of a shred-sesh.

  • Guest

    1 hour ride on 2 wheels to be the 3rd wheel.

  • logicandheart

    love this, but also really love those specialized mtb shoes.