Happy Holidays From the Radavist Dec 22, 2014


Peace, love, stoke and bikes! Thanks for your support!

Last April, we relaunched the site with a new name, new writers and a new plan, yet we tried to keep that one message clear.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the support. Thanks to everyone who has ordered products from the Radavist. Be it a sticker, or a cycling kit. Your contributions keep the wheels rolling and will aid in funding future stories. Most of all, thanks for coming here, commenting here and, thanks for playing nice. I really want to continue to encourage a positive vibe at the site. The internet can be a frustrating place, yet I greatly appreciate everyone’s overwhelming positivity and constructive discourse. You make that happen!

I hope you and yours the best and we’re working hard to keep you entertained for 2015. Until then, enjoy your time off with your families, friends and happy holidays.

  • mywynne

    Thanks for everything you do, and best wishes for you and yours!

  • Thanks for your daily gifts of pics, words and vibes. Happy holidays.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Love the site, the previous and current iteration both. Love the stoke and the commitment to fun bike riding. Yay Bikes!

    I’ll ding my bell, American-made Spurcycle of course, in celebration when I roll out to catch some sunrise riding tomorrow morning.

  • Greg

    Love this site! Have a good’n!

  • tony365

    Peace right back at you and love and Radness too all

  • bongofruit

    Thank you for all of the fantastic content. The thing I appreciate most about this site is that the editors/owners aren’t afraid to get their fingers dirty and interact with the readers in direct and meaningful ways.

  • Happy holidays everyone! Stay Rad!

  • Morgan Taylor

    I too hugely appreciate the positive vibes on the site. Thanks very much to all involved on both the production and discussion sides of things!

  • Scott Cramer

    John, thank you for all you have done in keeping the stoke in all of us. Your site past and present has grown tremendously and we all thank you for it. Your site, your products, your words, have motivated and reminded us that cycling is about having fun. Words cannot describe how much your site has made such a positive impact on the cycling community. Thank you and long live The Radavist!

  • Chrue

    keep it up! this site has been a great inspiration for many, and i’m really looking foreward to future things to come. have a good one!

  • brieboyg

    Best bike site on the Net. Thanks for all the greatness and have a Happy Holiday(s)!

  • naisemaj

    loved the site for years, and the changes have been great! happy holidays to you and yours, thanks for helping us keep the stoke going for so long!

  • shankshiv

    UR #1

  • When you first rebranded I thought “what the hell is he doing?” But I love the new site, drop-in every couple of days for inspiration.
    The exotica and custom frames are nice and all but it’s the affordable stuff I can really relate to. The Surlys, All-Citys, classic Treks etc, built-up with imagination and ridden with passion.

  • cristian oyharcabal

    happy hollydays and best wishes for radavist!
    from santiago, chile!
    Saludos amigos!

  • Lj

    Just wanted to say you are a great inspiration to me! Through your photography, your writing, and your passion, you have really taught me to love this sport for what it is. The culture you have uncovered for the rest of the nation to see is truly remarkable. I live in south florida and only wish cycling was like how it is in Texas or even LA, I hope to bring that love you show for the sport down here. Happy holidays and thank you for being a great inspiration!

  • pizza dude

    Best thing on the Internet. Thank you for your dedication to posting, taking rad trips, and documenting it all beautifully. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

  • sportzmjs

    Inspiring as ever…Thx man.