Giro’s New Footwear Comfort Guarantee Dec 10, 2014


Buying shoes isn’t easy, especially when you’re staring down the barrel of a $200 – $300 investment. In order to make your decision easy, Giro is now offering a Comfort Guarantee on all their footwear, in addition to their full-warranty against manufacturing defects. This Comfort Guarantee is good for 60 days, that’s more than enough time to ensure your investment will work for you.

View the complete Giro men’s footwear collection and Giro women’s collection for the full line.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    They are really 3 months too late here. My privateers don’t fit my awkward arches or narrow heels. Somehow neither of these issues showed up in the bike shop…

    • Same here. Did Giro go through some major staff changes in the Design & Tech departments in 2014? I wouldn’t recommend my Privateers to anyone.

      • .,`

        same with my territory’s. The sole on those and the Republics’ fail pretty quick too.

        my apeckx on the other hand are wonderful.

    • Maxwell Merkle

      I still think they’re a great deal and would still recommend people check ’em out. I just have weird feet and am apparently not very good at figuring out fit when I’m in the store…