Fit in That Kit Dec 22, 2014

Photo by Kyle Kelley

“I have a goal, through cycling, eating healthier, I vow to transform my body over the next year… Right now I’m sitting at 330lbs of whoop whoop yahoo, according to Brett Tippie. And I really have been looking for something as a catalyst, something that could make me hold my goals, and give me something to work towards.”

You should read the rest of this article at Hope Cyclery. We’re all rooting for ya man!

  • Ryan

    Awesome posts and good luck to @hopecyclery! I’m in the same boat, I’m 310lbs and have made the exact same goal.

    • Sean Talkington

      Awesome Ryan…You’re killing it Jarrod

      • Super thanks to Kyle and Sean, Endo Customs for pulling this off. #fitinthatkit
        It’s super rough in the beginning, but after the first month it’s much easier. I grew up cycling, and let myself
        go, it was time, and to anyone who has ever met Kyle or Sean you know that they can make you feel pretty damn good. They aren’t just nice guys, they bring the stoke constantly. Everyone needs their catalyst, meeting two very fit gentlemen at Interbike this year and them treating me like I wasn’t the fat dude in the convention center certainly made my week.

        • ForrestCambron

          Hell yes. A lot of the elite fitness junkies throw rude looks but they can’t bring us down!

          • Kyle Kelley

            Oh man, those elite fitness junkies give me the same look! Beer as a recovery drink doesn’t always go over so well. I am very happy that Cancellara showed the world what benefits beer has after a long ride!

        • Kyle Kelley

          You’re the best!