Dosnoventa Runs Japan Dec 1, 2014

When I posted this trailer last week, I got a text from a guy who has worked in the industry for decades. The dude is a legend, in many regards. His text said, “You know, I spend my days telling my company that making cycling look cool isn’t easy, but that Dosnoventa video made riding bikes look cool.”

You know what? I’d agree.

  • Japan looks like a place I’d love. Noodle houses, bicycles, and belligerent partying, sign me up. Is 30 to old for this shit?

    • No fuckin’ way. I wanna go back and rage, rage, rage at 33!

    • Aaron

      nope you are just the right age to get into the right kind of trouble.
      i had more fun living there in my 30s than my 20s.

  • Harry

    Reminds me of Tres Trill for all the right reasons