The Athletic: Tigre Time Sweatshirt Dec 19, 2014


The Athletic’s tigre logo looks great in turquoise and even better on a sweatshirt. I did laugh a bit at the product description:

“When it comes to sweatshirts, the American Apparel California Raglan is our go to. It has been used by some of your (our) favorite brands out there. Big names in the industry like Golden Saddle Cyclery and the Team Dream Sunset Chasing Team. Teal and Blue have been a little bit of a go to for us as well. Put a tiger on it and there you have it. ”

Head over to the Athletic now to pick one up!

  • Sean Talkington

    Ha! I don’t use American Apparel sweatshirts though. Team Dream sweatshirts are all cut/sewn in Santa Ana specifically for the “crazy cat lady” demographic