SOLD OUT: Radavist Raidō Rune Top Caps Nov 4, 2014


I can’t keep these in stock and as it seems, after each batch of 100 sells out, I get dozens of emails, so here ya go, another re-up of the Radavist Raidō Rune Top Caps. In the Elder Fuþark, a rune’s orientation effects its intended power. That goes for Raidō as well. Inverted, mirrored, off-axis all have consequences. Which orientation do you run yours?

Made in the USA by KustomCaps and featured in Bicycling Magazine this month. Seriously, no joke. Swoop one up below for $12 shipped worldwide.

These will ship next week. We’re moving as fast as we can shipping your products. Please have patience. There are humans packing hundreds of envelopes and boxes. We appreciate your patience!


  • Richard Carle


  • carchiba

    Sold out in less the a fine hour. WTF. I missed out again dam it.

  • Richard Olive

    I’ll get one eventually. Too slow again!

    • Just added 100 more…

      • Chris W

        I was super bummed that I missed this. Then realized I bought 4 from mash the other day (including 2 doughnut caps) and figured I was probably fine without it. Then you re-upped and I purchased one immediately. Keep doing what you’re doing man!

  • mywynne

    Aw but I have one of these already – need more runes ;)

  • fitzy6669

    Get a batch of 500 next time

    • Then they’d take two weeks to send out and everyone would email me everyday askin where their orders are! ;-)

  • Isaac Moerke

    which garmin mount is that?

    • K-Edge made in the USA, works as a spacer.

  • Christian Mulligan

    Any idea when the next run will be? Before Christmas?