We Wait All Year for This, Right?

“Cross is coming” “Cross is coming”.

All year, we wait for cross reason. Truthfully, it’s the only racing I actively seek out. Sure, if there’s a MTB race nearby, I’m not going to say no, but cross is the only form of racing I truly love.

That said, I’m not really good at it. Not in the B’s anyway. Like most racers, you have your lucky days, your good days and your bad days. The latter can be the unfortunate by-product of mechanicals or just plain dead legs.

My weekend began as a continuation of the last. A run-in with a group of cacti (opuntia ficus-indica) left me with multiple flats last weekend – hey, those thorns get everywhere and are impossible to see. Yesterday, I pulled out of the race after a 1″ thorn from the Jerusalem Thorn Tree (Parkinsonia aculeata) – aptly named after the crown of thorns made for Christ – found my tire.

Here’s the part where everyone says I need to be racing tubulars, or tubeless, or whatever, I got it all worked out, don’t worry!

One day down and only three photos I’m stoked on. As both a cyclist and a photographer, you tell yourself if you do well with one, it’s ok to have a lackluster day with the other. Yesterday was a bust across both fronts…

This morning, the weather was the same. Rainy, dreary, mid 30’s. Perfect cross weather. After taking a spin, my legs felt fresh, the bike was riding great, despite the sealant in my inner tubes, and the barriers were hop-able. Things were looking up. My race went well – actually better considering the past few week’s endeavors were soiled.

Top 10 is ok with me in the B’s… Not to mention, I got some photos I’m cool with.

We wait all year for this, to turn ourselves out for two hours a weekend and it’s worth it. Also, post-race food in Texas ain’t bad either – next time I’ll bring my camera for that.

  • dat chain, YIKES!

    • Narrow-wide rings keep it in place just fine! ;-)

      • run one as well on my ss. crazy seein’ that capture!

        • I love seeing it on a full sus too. So insane that it stays put!

    • mywynne

      Wow, what a shot, John! Great set overall, too.

  • Garrett Kautz

    Who’s number 417? Killer top tube sticker…

    • jacobmoore6135

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    • Andre Chelliah

      That’s the honorable Jack Neve AKA Jkneve on the gram’

      • Garrett Kautz

        Ahhh yes. I did not recognize him without his Falconer.

  • professorvelo

    those money kits are illin’

    • Leslie

      That’s T$A, sir.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Wow, that IF is a time capsule!

    • James Norman Woodley

      dirt_drops #spotter thats an IF after my own heart

    • Kyle Kelley


  • tony365

    It is worth it John, well said. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and everything taste better after a good race. good luck too everyone next weekend.

  • jakers

    Nailed it.

  • Kyle Kelley

    More food! And I would’ve pull out a bit for the skull shot.