State Bicycle Co’s Singlespeed Off-Road Division Nov 5, 2014



First debuted at Interbike, State Bicycle Co’s new singlespeed off-road division is now available for pre-order with a mid-November delivery. Their affordable cross bikes are available with a Reynolds wheel upgrade – which is almost as much as the bike itself, or as frames to be built us to your specification. Blastin into the fat marketplace are two singlespeed fat bikes, one coming in under $500 with an admittedly fun coaster brake setup and another with disc brakes for under $700.

See the full State Bicycle Co Off-Road Division below.


The Thunderbird $999 Complete*

“Deftly soar through treacherous cross courses or fearlessly tackle new and nasty terrain on the weekends. Either way, the Thunderbird Single Speed Cyclo-Cross bike is uniquely primed to lead you to muddy glory.Crafted in collaboration with the inimitable Johnny Hsu of HSUPER! Design, the race-ready Thunderbird boasts the versatility and power any serious SSCX rider needs: lightness, agile maneuvering, a 6061 aluminum frameset that begs to be punished, serious stopping power, and some of the most trusted components in Cross.”

*Available as a frameset or a complete.


The Warhawk $579 Complete*

“The Warhawk is the type of bike you take barreling through the cross course on Saturday, spray down on Sunday and then commute to work with on Monday. The Warhawk’s simplicity and tough-as-nails geometry make it ideal for the chameleon cyclist.4130 Chromoly steel frame/fork, Canilever brakes and Kenda 8’s are just the start on this ever-reliable bike. Intended for maximum versatility, the Warhawk belongs to the cyclist who defies labels and is impossible to predict.”

*Available as a frameset or a complete.


The Megalith $699

“Feast your eyes on the Megalith: a dexterous steamroller that delivers exceptional traction and handling. The Megalith proudly features a 4130-Chromoly steel frame & fork, Avid BB5 Disc Brakes, and signature graphics hand-drawn by the visionary Create Folly design-duo. We’ve even mounted a bottle opener to the seat tube so you can crack open a cold-one and cheers to the day’s glorious off road conquests.”


The Monolith $499

“Meet the Monolith: our core model Single Speed Fat Bike. Pillaring, resolute and persistent. The best part about this steel framed juggernaut is how effortlessly it allows you to do things you never thought imaginable on a bicycle: float, plow, glide, skate, and bulldoze. The Monolith will elevate your next outdoor excursion to legendary status.”

  • Etienne Gregoire

    Good deals, too bad the geometries all run on the small size

    • boomforeal

      where did you find the geometry info?

      • Isaac Moerke

        There is a show me button above where you would normally select which size you want.

        • boomforeal


    • tilleya

      BMX bars and a Thompson post should cure that for under $1000. The monolith is like a big kids bmx.

      • Etienne Gregoire

        For the fat bikes, I tend to agree, but the CX bikes appear to be intentionally cut-off at a ETTL of 56.5, which is entierly too short and kind of an oversight.

  • Jack Johnson

    Never trust a kenda tire.

    • I dunno, they’re never wronged me.

    • Zach

      The Small Block 8 is an excellent tire. I’ve run it in mountain bike size as well as cyclocross. It’s great for anything hard pack as well as getting to the trail. Come to think of it, I’ve had a whole bunch of Kendas…they make good treads and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

      • Mehdi Farsi

        We went with the Small Block 8 because it was requested by name from our riders Thomas Keating, B-Hard and Tyler Coplea, all of whom are very active in CX.

        • Zach

          A good choice at that :) I really dig that you guys are expanding your line of bikes, I like the direction you all are headed! Any chance a 60cm will ever be offered for the cross bikes?

  • bizzishop

    This State stuff feels unauthentic. Bikes and especially the writing.

    • I just copied their bike descriptions dude.

      • bizzishop

        No doubt I understand you didn’t write this stuff. Entry level bikes like this are good, I’m just not a fan of the State branding.

  • Dang heck

    Hopefully their assembly process will improve with these new models.

  • stateofnonreturn

    What’s all the negativity going around with State bicycles? I mean, are they coming from actual owners who have had bad experiences with them? I am just so stoked to see their new lines and the prices are too good to pass, esp. on their fat bikes. I am thinking of pre-ordering one.

    • Mehdi Farsi

      We put these through the ringer. For the price it’s hard to beat.

  • Lemontime

    These look fucking RAD! Would to all of them.

  • Kat

    If it gets someone to start to love riding bikes, I’m all for it. Who cares if its dripping with King components.

  • Kyle Kelley

    So stoked that they got Folly involved on that one Fat Bike(Good Design in the Bike Shop), not stoked on the name of one of the bikes(too close for comfort). Go Folly Go!

    • Mehdi Farsi

      Thank you! LMK if you want some detailed shots for the site. The Folly guys were amazing to work with. As for the name… I’m completely in the dark as to the similarity, my bad I guess.

  • Scott

    Nothing that I would ever buy but I still think it’s pretty neat that someone (other than wmart) is offering a cheapo entry level fatbike. It’s a damn shame they didn’t just go with the same fork on both models. Having the ability to upgrade to a front disc on the Monolith would make it that much more desireable imo.

  • Trailer park hero

    Does anyone know the hub spacing on the rear for the warhawk? I’d hope it’s not the track specific 120mm – nothing against frames like the Cinelli Mash SSCX frameset. It would make life easier being able to swap in my old road wheels… I’ve seen responses that it’s 135mm spacing like their disc frame, but that doesn’t seem right.

    • Mehdi Farsi

      It’s 135 mm.