The Riviera Wolfpack Nov 19, 2014

Track Bike Total War takes on the streets of Genova in their newest video. If you don’t like reckless street riding, don’t bother hitting play. On the flip side, if you do, this video’s for you. There are some rad shots in here!

  • Maxime Gouache

    Haha it’s not about liking or disliking, just your responsibility about broadcasting those videos. The debate already happened here.
    Maybe you should talk about the risks of riding this way ;
    DIE, injure or kill a pedestrian, cause a car/motorcycle accident, die in a car accident and ruin the life of the car driver who will have to pay all his life compensations to the family, plus enduring trauma.
    Seriously, what’s the point of those vids ? There’s enough roads outside the cities to ride like a dickhead without injuring anyone.

  • Richard Smith

    I don’t like ‘reckless’ street riding. Totally fine with ‘wreckless’ though; I actually try to make all of my rides as ‘wreckless’ as possible.
    I hit play anyway, how’s that for reckless!? It is good to keep up to date on what hipsters are doing to ruin the image of cyclists everywhere. Next time some red-faced SUV driver is shouting at my kids to get the fuck off the road while we’re riding to school, I’ll have some sort of idea what his goddamn problem is. Ahhh, you think we’re “Track Bike Total War”…

  • Ian Sellers

    Not normally one to comment but i thought this video was laughable.
    Shit bikes, unfit riders puffing away while one idiot with poor bike skills acts like an idiot trying to make it look dangerous while the others watch. “Wolf-pack” Flock of sheep more like.

    • Michele Tizianel

      Lucas Brunelle: “Nice footage of Genova, skilled riding, and fast alleycat.” nothig more to say…

  • cazesm

    I think this is just ugly. These guys should watch that video of Dylan Buffington on California St a few times and take notes.

  • I dig this. Watch, learn, then hate.

  • Justin Belcher