Richard Sachs: A Framebuilder’s Mind Nov 12, 2014


This is too good! The one and only Richard Sachs went down a list of 15 points in his latest blog post. You’ve gotta head over to read them, for gems like:

“Serial number accidentally banged in askew. Shit. It will look stupid. Fuck it. It’s a handmade bicycle frame that now has extra humanity. Note to self: add an Imperfection Is Perfection DVD to client’s parcel when bicycle is delivered.”

“Dang. The cat wanted to use this on gravel and a 25mm is the largest tire that will fit. I need to pay more attention. I’ll tell him I always use 25mm tires on gravel.” – “I can’t believe folks wait in line for this.” – “I can’t believe people pay me for this.” – “I hope know the next one will be better.”

“I can’t believe folks wait in line and pay me for this.”

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Seems like such a great human!

  • White Mike

    Richard aka Dick.

    Dick Sachs.

    • Oscar Partridge

      I fucked up on somebody’s order, better lie to the customer who is paying me thousands for this

  • Andy Brown

    Best paid production builder in the bizz.

  • kermitonwheels


  • Pat G

    Disappointed to see this from a builder who takes so much pride in his work – It may not be a big deal to Mr. Sachs but any cyclist with a strong tire preference who is putting down $$$ and waiting in the queue is going to be disappointed that the frame he is getting is not what he and the builder agreed upon. Not impressed.

  • dan chabanov

    People have no sense of humor. Fuck it. It’s the internet.