Rapha: New Climber’s Shoes Nov 5, 2014


They’re not quite in stock yet, but I like the looks of the new Rapha Climber’s Shoes. Based off the new Prolight SLX EC90 SLXII sole and footbeds, these perforated cycling shoes shed weight and maintain stiffness where it’s needed. Coming soon (like in a few weeks) from Rapha.

  • too bad it’s fully velcro, they look incredible

    • I’d rather have velcro than a buckle. My Prolight SLX road shoes were always my favorite.

    • cnm

      JAAP – FWIW, the buckles add weight. This is a “climber’s shoe” and minimal weight is the priority. We (Mavic) have a lightweight shoe as well, the Huez, and you’ll notice it too forgoes the buckle. Chapeau to Rapha, this shoe looks amazing!

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Why no laces??

  • carchiba

    Yes please. For Xmas

  • STGTprogressiv

    Interesting looking shoes – I must admit Rapha is doing a good job. You know anything about the weight !?

  • quesofrito

    i’m still waiting for the Yeezus x MFS sprinters shoe to drop.