The Photographer Nov 5, 2014

Woah. This one’s a bit weird… Nice job Kitsbow. I love the colors of the trails this time of year.

  • Em

    Film advance drive sound still favored by video producers everywhere.

  • Salim Riley

    Dude must carry a tona SD cards!

    • Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

      He went through 3 full cards, (64’s I believe) during the course of the day.

      • Salim Riley

        Wooeee! Must be fun reviewing that much film. Then again you never miss “the shot!”

        • That’s not film!

          • Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

            Definitely not film. And I was referring to Scott’s D4 (digital raw stills).

          • Salim Riley

            I wasn’t sure how to put it! Review the data? Review the footage?

          • haha I know what you meant. I just say review the photos.

  • Slc29er

    Wasatch Crest Trail between Park City and Salt Lake. I miss it.