Paul Smith’s 531 Cycling Collection Nov 3, 2014

Paul Smith has been a longtime fan of cycling and his newest range of garments reflect that. Introducing the 531 Cycling Collection and yeah, it looks really nice!

  • Keith Gibson

    thought rapha was $$$, yikes.

    • right?

    • Tommaso Gomez

      For all the crap people give Rapha, they nail form and function and their jackets lasts forever. I’ve worn a 2010 Classic Softshell in 20-50 F weather for the past four winters in Boston and Michigan – it still looks fresh and gets the job done. I could turn around and sell it on Craigslist for at least $150 (nearly half of MSRP) but I never would. Also, Rapha stuff doesn’t make you point your hands down:

      • Keith Gibson

        Never said Rapha wasn’t high quality or long lasting, just pricey.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    I sent the link to my wife……awaiting response.

  • PabloP

    The prices are absolutely laughable.

  • Matt Long
    • So… the funny thing about that jacket. It’s the same material Mission used in their $400 Orion last year that everyone balked at. That $1,130 price tag is the result of the retail markup… and there’s no telling where the Paul Smith stuff is made.

      • Talking of that retail markup – in the UK, that jacket is £550 GBP. No extra sales tax to pay, 550 quid all in.
        That converts to $879 USD, right here and now.
        What’s the extra $251 for? – that question is aimed at the Paul Smith folks inevitably reading this thread :)

  • Donald Stevenson

    Paul Smith customers should be ranked by Forbes, or maybe Psychology Today. Are these made to order by the French and Italian grandmothers of Tour riders? Are silkworms and merino sheep sung to sleep? Good night. Maybe the Mission guys asked him to be outrageous to get everyone off their backs. You get points for posting it with a straight face.

    • Wait. Why are you taking stabs at me? I didn’t say “GO BUY THIS NOW”, I just posted a video and said it looked nice. Where’s the harm in that?

      • Donald Stevenson

        No stab intended. I mean to say that you approach your site as a professional. Every industry has its reasons for doing stuff. Expensive clothes are just easy to make fun of. The fact is, I looked at it because you posted it. The Radavist has its finger on the pulse. I am simply mystified by the Paul Smiths of the world, that they can make it work.

        • Gotcha. I didn’t think you were being crass, just picked up some overtones. It’s a luxury brand, banking on a name. Fanboys and execs will buy it, while the rest of the world waits for it to go on sale…

          • Donald Stevenson

            My wife picks up those overtones when I’m not out riding enough!

  • brieboyg

    “Only $1,130? I’ll buy two!” Said no one. Ever.

  • Samuel Lopez

    BRB taking out a loan.