The New Topo Designs Apparel is Bike Friendly! Nov 4, 2014


Photo by Gideon Tsang

Sure, it’s not technically “bike wear” but I’ve still enjoyed wearing, riding in and camping in the new Topo Designs apparel. With a newly improved fit, the shorts feel better and the flannels are an amazing companion during fall camping trips.

This is all I wore for two days and couldn’t be happier. See more at Topo!

  • quesofrito

    If I wear that stuff, will I look this good?

    • You’ll look better!

      • João Pedro

        I don’t know, this guy breathes bikes!

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  • primotapia

    Topo is legit and their store is awesome! I showed an employee the the web belt I bought from your site and got like +100 street cred.

    I’m heading back to Denver in December, hoping to buy that Puffer Vest. Anyone have any experience with that?

  • Jamie McKeon

    grinning is winning

  • P Shanks

    Incredible customer service as well! Had an issue with the zipper on a pair of mountain shorts I’ve had for months, so they responded to my email in literally 5 minutes notifying me that a replacement was sent out with a return shipping label for my current pair. Love these guys.

  • Area45

    John do the shorts fit differently now? I have the older ones and never really dug the fit. They felt like they rode low or something. That’s probably not the best description, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. Maybe too saggy is better description.

    • They’re a little looser at the thighs and sit higher on the hips. I also wore a M in the first run and a L in this run.

      • Area45