A Muddy Weekend in the ‘Cross Trenches

You’ll have to excuse the excess in this photo gallery. There are a lot of shots in here.

Now that I stated the obvious, here’s even more… In Texas, we don’t get much rain, nor do we get many rainy cross races. So when the sky opens and the mud builds up, don’t be surprised to see file tread tires and Red cassettes in the staging areas.

Like house cats, having escaped for the weekend, a lot of people got quite the shock when every corner was suddenly slick and every descent, a myriad of dark brown ruts, with no grass to grip for traction.

Saturday’s race has been called the best of the season. A lotta climbing, as much descending. All in glorious mud. As the afternoon went on, it got worse and by the time the B’s raced – which is what I was in – it was pouring on us. Things didn’t go so well and I didn’t shoot many photos of Saturday’s race, but Sunday. Sunday was a blast.

New course, still just as muddy, with a run up that some of us rode and yes, plenty of pain…

Read along in the captions and enjoy the Gallery!

  • Neil Phillips

    Rad shots! Looks dry compared to things here in London at the weekend… http://wivelsdenfarmcx.wordpress.com/photos/

    • yeah, it’s London! It rains all the time there.

      • Mark Tearle

        Without meaning to be a pedant, Wivelsfield Farm is in Sussex, about 50 miles south of London. And, yeah it has pretty much rained solid here for the last 3 weeks, except today. Today is sunny.

        • You just said “looks dry compared to things here in London…” I’m just going off what you said!

  • Rey Shaun Madolora

    Love it!

  • What a great gallery. The “RideUp”/”RunUp” duo are my favourite. Nice work!

  • Eric

    Great shots! Looks like it was a fun weekend. Are you still shooting with the X-T1, and if so have you shot any cross races with it? I was just wondering what your thoughts were on its application for shooting fairly predictable sports like CX.

    • I have shot a ton of CX / Road / MTB stuff with it. The AF is fast and accurate, they just don’t make a prime equivalent in my preferred focal length yet.

      • Eric

        Which is what? (I’m curious as for CX mine is a 200mm f2.8)

        • I use either the 24-70mkii or 70-200ISmkii

  • Philippe Gilbert

    Ah yeah please keep taking shots of women racing cyclocross… Thats is like the biggest turn on ever. Damn.

    • It shouldn’t be a “turn on” or if it is, try not to talk about it. Women just want to race without feeling like dudes be skeezin’ on them!

      • Samuel Lopez

        agreed. And you wonder why most womens race turn outs are low.

      • AttackCowboy

        Please keep covering the women’s races cause they’re awesome athelets and don’t get the coverage/support they deserve.

      • Patrick Murphy

        I was too busy skeezin’ on Rob’s unzipped chest tattoo pic.

        • I have another, where it’s unzipped and he’s smearing mud all over it, too.

  • charlesojones

    Cool shots. Thanks for sharing.

    I was at CXLA yesterday. Plenty of mud there too… (“LA mud” – i.e. fine, dry, dust)

  • Luke Outler

    So glad you came to Houston for this race! I’m not all that swift of a rider (I spend most my time swiftly repairing bikes for Bike Barn), but taking that bourbon handup means way more to me than finishing strong. Awesome day, and awesome gallery to match!

  • Kyle Kelley

    The new Beat The Clock jammers are SICK!

    • Tyler Shannon

      I fully agree. the splatter is so rad. TCB and BTC killed that splatter game.

      • Yeah, this is more asphalt. It’s based off a sweater one of the guys on the team saw. Every BTC kit is based on random sweaters we’ve seen in town.

  • Spencer Counthis

    doogie* ;)

    • Got it!

      • Doogie Roux


        • Samuel Lopez


          • Doogie Roux


  • awesometown

    John, What are the orange Giro shoes in number 80?

  • Doogie Roux

    THAT GALLERY IS GOLD! Thank you for capturing one of the best weekends of the year!

  • Alex Steinker

    Dang! Making cross Look fun again. Supper happy to see Texas area hosting nationals. Mega serious cross in full effect up here in the midwest. We definitely need more smiles.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    After shots with rider and bike are really nice! Looks like hard fun.

  • ninetubes

    Pre-race mustache.