Merckx Mondays Nov 10, 2014


Photos by Antton Miettinen

Jon Azkoitia has been a reader of the Radavist since the early blogspot days of PiNP and one of his favorite features is Merckx Mondays. When he began riding track bikes, it was due to his father’s love of track racing and Jon didn’t have just any introduction, he was given a Molteni-team Colnago track. For those who weren’t aware, the first few Molteni Eddy Merckx frames were made by De Rosa and Colnago before Eddy began making his own in Meise, a small town outside of Brussels.

Prior to Jon’s father, this bike was owned by Milano-SanRemo winner Michele Dancelli, who raced it for a number of years in the Molteni livery. The bike was then raced by Jon’s father for nearly 40 years! Needless to say, once Jon was handed down the frame, he felt it was time for a restoration, so Jon looked to the original heritage of the frame and did an amazing job.

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  • David Benson

    This bike has nothing to do with Eddy Merckx. By the time Merckx was riding with Molteni, Dancelli was with SCIC.

  • mosklubban

    Great build but who ever built that front wheel should be ashamed.

    • Ok

    • Jamesjames

      For those uninitiated into the fine art of wheelbuilding, what’s wrong with it?

      • mosklubban

        Not a big thing really but atm the front wheel files under a thing I would call “valve fail”. The valve hole of the rim should be built to be located in the “open” corridor of the spokes. For this wheel, the valve should be located one corridor counter clockwise.

        Don’t get me wrong, it is a goddamn nice build just me being picky…

        • Yeah and that builder should be ashamed! Like, stripped of their stand, spoke tension meter and spoke wrench!

          • mosklubban

            Damn right! ;)

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    That is a pretty bike. I love looking at the restored track bikes because I see my Wabi’s heritage. Makes me stoked on my bike. I am willing to bet homie rides this with a big smile as an accessory.