Kyle’s Mosaic MT1 Hard Tail XC MTB

With special emphasis on hard tail… This Mosaic MT1 is unique.

Kyle’s no stranger to xc racing. He’s competed in – and won – a number of state and regional championships and has been climbing the ranks of the local race series. The angles on this bike are very XC-race specific (72.5 STA 70.5 HTA) and the parts were specified for, you guess it, racing. Just look at that cassette. That’s how someone who usually races singlespeed in the geared category – and wins – specs a cassette.

Sure, the 3T bars are a bit narrow by today’s standards, but as a XC racer, Kyle knows exactly what he wants. Take for example, the detail that stands out the most, the integrated seat post, something you don’t often see in a MTB. In fact, Mosaic doesn’t traditionally make ISPs on their mountain frames and for good reason. If you hit a drop and land on the saddle awkwardly, you could kink or worse, break it.

Prior to building the bike, Aaron from Mosaic double checked that Kyle knew what he was doing. From there, the seat tube was reinforced and Kyle’s bike was ready to go. I love the curves and tubing diameter of titanium mountain bikes and this hard, hardtail has got to be one of the more unique custom frames I’ve shot this year.

In Austin, Mosaic Cycles can be ordered through Austin Bikes.

  • kasual


  • Ian Stone

    Those tire logos are lined up with the valves differently.

    • duuuuuuuuuude the bike is ruined!

      • Samuel Lopez

        Dude the foliage in the background is different colors! !!!!

      • Ian Stone

        I look through these photos to find something wrong to make me feel better about never owning something so rad.

    • Keris

      Lining up the logos is the ‘right’ way to do it. However, commenting on it is just pedantic.

      • Aaron


  • mywynne

    That is one mean race machine

  • Powell

    dang. homie must have knees of steel!

  • Brandon Kline

    is it the photo or is the tire really close to the chainstay?

    • The lens I use compresses space…

      • Brandon Elliott

        …and time.

  • There are a couple of Italian Ti builders that do ISP’s and they’re definitely the ‘anti-dropper’ post. Only for those that actually know how to ride a bike. It’s beautiful, by the way.

    • EffOhEff

      “Only for those who actually know how to ride a bike” is an extreme generalization, and in this case, exaggeration. What’s your UCI license, bro?

  • Will Hilgenberg

    That’s one hell of a cassette for an MTB.