Kitsbow and the Ibis Mojo HD3 in Tahoe with Jeff Nov 25, 2014

Oh my god, this is so good! Ride everything. Kitsbow and Ibis killed it with this one!

  • Maxwell Merkle

    Oh FUCK OFF…I am so jealous of folks who can manual like that! Back to work (AKA landing on my butt).

    • Ditto!

      • stateofnonreturn

        I slammed my butt so hard last week attempting one, it is still blue.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Damn! Dude could be on a full-rigid with how much he’s in the air! So good!

  • boomforeal

    nose manual all of the slabs!

  • Jamie McKeon

    Man the audio on this one was so good too. what a killer 2 and a half minutes.

  • D0rk

    This is one of those videos that gets bookmarked for future motivation. So. Much. Style.

  • Damn, now that is a mountain bike video!

  • Edward Mather

    I think we can say ‘good skills’.