Keirin the Passion Nov 17, 2014

Keirin is unlike any other form of track racing and this video showcases why.

  • tertius_decimus

    Keirin is about speed, so why put it into slowest slo-mo known to man?

    • Drew Leigh

      Didn’t you know? It’s Art.

      • tertius_decimus

        It’s Art! WOW!

        Cycling is the most beautiful leisure activity and the core of it lies in the motion. Thus slo-mo is a poor demonstration of it all the more so if it’s overused throughout the video. “Sufficiency” is the key word. Being an artist, I loathe using word “Art” (ahem, capital letter, cough) as something to make an effort untouchable. Don’t breathe at the chef d’oeuvre, as they say…