Iowa’s Mt. Krumpit and Jingle Cross – Andy Bokanev

Iowa’s Mt. Krumpit and Jingle Cross
Photos and words by Andy Bokanev

“And they told you Iowa was flat,” it was before noon and I’m pretty sure the beer the dude was holding was not his first. His geographically themed heckle was aimed at a random backmarker struggling his way up Mt. Krumpit with the “why I am doing this?” look painted all over his face. This was just one of many similar experiences this weekend at Jingle Cross hosted in Iowa City, Iowa.

The three day race kicked off under the lights on Friday evening in freezing conditions with the temperatures hovering in the mid teens. Saturday brought about more cold and snow just in time for the UCI C1 race. It continued snowing through the night so when everyone showed up for a the last day of racing the ground was completely covered in the white stuff eventually giving way to a thin layer of mud.

Some observations:

-Caroline Mani from not wearing any leg warmers. There is no amount of vaseline and embro in the world that would convince me to do the same.
-The race is extremely well organized featuring one of the best (if not THEE best) cyclocross course in the United States. If there is one race that deserves World Cup status, this is it
-Just like bottled water on hot and humid days there is a tariff on hot chocolate on extremely cold days. The going price for a cup of hot chocolate on Sunday was $6
-It not as cold when it’s snowing
-The course layout was different all three days which kept things interesting and challenging
-People in Iowa love pizza

So do not let the weather scare you, Jingle Cross is absolutely worth the travel.


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  • Ian L Richards

    Jingle Cross is awesome! Being an Iowa native, I’m a bit biased, but it really is a great race. I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Andy at Jingle this past weekend. He’s an incredibly talented photographer and an all around great guy. Thanks for sharing these photos and words, John. (Bring on a World Cup!)

    • I really wanted to go, but there’s snow way in hell I want to be that cold!

      • Ian L Richards

        It was f*cking cold! I’m hoping to make the trip down to your playground for CX Nats. What’s the weather going to be like? I hear its fairly unpredictable?

        • Either 70* and cedar allergies or 27* and sleeting.

    • hans

      i’m originally from Iowa as well and it’s rad to see this covered. Hope to make it out for this one of these days!

      • Fritz Groszkruger

        You’ve gotta place to stay. Bring beer.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    666 Grinch. A+, would like to see more.

  • Tyler Shannon

    GODDAMN that looks freezing! incredible, but freezing.

  • Ian Stone

    Jingle Cross was fucking rad this year. 20 degrees and windy for the 4/5 race Sunday. My toes are still cold!

  • Andrew Martinek

    This was a killer photo set. It makes me wanna go to this race so bad

    • Yep, sickeningly good gallery. Keep it up Mr Bokanev.

  • Peter

    gorgeous photos

  • Andrea Cohen

    We do love bikes and pizza. I mean..what else is there?