Flying V Messengers Nov 11, 2014

Nice one guys! See more at Flying V Messengers’ Facebook.

  • GioFio

    This needs to be made into a short movie…

  • tertius_decimus

    Sleeping in the living room under the tent? Really?

  • Sam

    This is tongue in cheek right?! You’re a bunch of guys on bikes (clearly with too much time on your hands!) delivering packages. FFS, get over yourselves…

    • They’re not taking themselves nearly as seriously as you are.

      • Uh

        So you’ll post my short film about how being a bricklayer is on a par with being a superhero then John?? Sometimes I spend so long making films about how much I love laying bricks, and how cool I look when I’m laying bricks, that I forget to actually lay any bricks!

        • First off, this is a video. No one’s shooting on film anymore. Second of all, it’s a FREE video that I felt like sharing, because people like seeing videos and I thought this one was fun. Also, no one said videos have to BE SUPER SUPER UBER serious all the time.

          People are too uptight these days. I know it’s cold outside, but lose the uptight attitude.

  • Dillan Forsey

    Randomly recognized and met this guy tonight at a local pub. Pretty rad guy if you ask me! It’s great to see what people are up to in the community and to build connections, whether through serious or “tongue in cheek” videos.