Firefly Bicycles: All Hallows’ Road Nov 14, 2014



Black and orange is the new black, during the fall anyway. Tis the season for everyone to get their base miles on and what better motivation to bundle up in the cold than a new road bike. Much less, a new Firefly. I love the way large framesets look by themselves and this one’s got a massive head tube.

Check out more of this black and orange beaut at the Firefly Flickr!

  • Kevin Jeffery

    Love the look of the frame, but the matte black stem looks a little off with the glossy paint.

    • ABW

      Agreed. Still a gorgeous frame, as all Fireflies are, but this is as close to a “mistake” as I’ve ever seen them make. Jaime, Tyler, Kevin! You’re slipping! :)

      • FireFly

        Haha! Thanks guys! No mistake. That stem is just there to hold the fork on. The customer already has a stem.

        • ABW

          OK, so I guess you’re still batting a thousand. NBD.

  • sisk is a risk

    This is beautiful. I hope they do as good as a job on mine…

  • mosklubban

    Wow, just wow…