Fairweather Handlebar Bags Nov 24, 2014



Tokyo’s Fairweather can do no wrong in my book. Their new Handlebar bags look super clean and with a large front pouch, they’ll hold what appears to be a decent-sized camera like a rangefinder or mirrorless system, which piqued my interest.

They’re $128 and in stock (mostly) at Fairweather.

  • Scott Felter
    • Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite! :-)

      • Scott Felter

        LOL! :-) I love you too, John!

        • clarkharry86

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  • Bruno Moreno

    I really like that mountain bike. Any idea what brand/model it is?

  • Trenton South

    That’s a good looking Light and Motion urban on that there Krampus, somebody likes quality made in the USA lights on their steel bike packing machine

  • Pete Knight

    does anyone know how much it holds? i don’t see it on their site…