Fabric Saddles: Shapes Based on Somotypes Nov 12, 2014

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We’ve all got different bone structures, which ultimately determine our body size, independent of diet. These is one of the factors in determining fit, from clothing to even saddles. These bone structures are known as Somatotypes and come in three varieties; Ectomorph (Light bone structure) Mesomorph (Average bone structure) and Endomorph (Broad bone structure).

Fabric Saddles takes a look at how your Somotype determines your sit-bone width and sizes you off of your height and wrist circumference.

Their line is taking shape and will be available in early 2015. For now, head over to Fabric and check out their saddles. The Cell and ALM models look interesting.

  • naisemaj

    I’m still riding my charge knife and charge spoon saddles (the precursors to these) and I love them. They’re a great saddle at a great price. I will definitely be replacing with the ALM at the appropriate time to try that out, and I love the look of the line as well.

  • Mike

    …Is this for real?? This kind of crap has been widely debunked by medical community like forever ago. It’s discrimination based on appearance and has nothing to do with bone structure or real physiology.

    • Got any links? I’d be interested in reading it. My lady is doing a lot of research on “fit” and I’d like to forward it to her as well…

      • Mike

        Not really? I was pre-med and one thing I remember learning in a nutrition class is that these bone structures are modern myths. it’s not real. also a quick google search turns up these terms as coined during WWII and encouraging data behind eugenics.

        • So… what you’re saying is, it’s Nazi technology?!?!??!/!?! ;-)

          • Mike

            Exactly. And if you buy you’re a Nazi sympathizer.

      • Jeepers


        Not surprising coming from a pet-project owned by Dorel (AKA Schwinn, Mongoose, GT etc)

  • Dobry


  • Ultra_Orange

    They look interesting, but so fat all interesting looking things for bikes tend to lad behind the boring. Just listing for price in GBP what are the chance of snagging a test saddle?