Dosnoventa Runs Japan Teaser Nov 24, 2014

We haven’t seen much street brakeless track bike action from Japan, mostly because it’s supposedly illegal, but Dosnoventa is taking to the streets in their new video. Also, I hope we see more of that Bronco at the :26 mark.

  • JJ

    That enve track fork?

  • Carter K. Quinn

    This looks amazing!

  • Aaron

    miss cycling in yokohama. as long as you are not cycling (like everyone else) on the sidewalks no one is going to stop your for not having a brake.
    also dancing is “illegal” in clubs in japan.

    • I went to plenty of clubs in Japan with dancing…

      • Aaron

        i know me too but its a real law that is “enforced” at random if at all, just like the no brakes law.
        the only time i or any of my friends got stopped about it, was when we were riding on the sidewalk and the cop just stepped in our path. that ain’t gonna happen in the streets.

        anywho. i like this vid the best out of their other ones. has a that old skateboard vhs tape feel to it.


    The (brakeless) BMX and FGFS kids seem to get more hassle from the cops here than the trackheads. As @disqus_DQTJ3jIOGk:disqus says, if you are riding on the road rather than the sidewalk the cops wouldn’t be bothered. They are more concerned with stopping people riding two at a time on a mamachari.

  • Justin

    It a K5 Blazer

  • grosserpreis

    the fake vhs cam bits. total palace skate video ripoff right derr. these guys are unoriginal.

    • Connor

      They actually shot a lot of this with film. I spoke with Dani about it before they left.

  • Justin Belcher