Coming Soon: The Specialized Turbo Cotton Nov 12, 2014


In the world of true gumwall tires, the higher the TPI, the better. Maybe not for puncture resistance, but surely for the ride. Performance road tires, by definition should perform and the new Turbo Cotton tires from specialized sound like they’ll do the trick. Hell, they sure look like they’re willing to fill that role (roll). I can’t wait to try out a pair!

Casing: 320 TPI Polycotton
Bead: foldable
Compound: GRIPTON
Flat Protection: BlackBelt
700 x 24; psi 115-125; approximate weight 210g

  • 24mm…

    • on a 23mm wide rim, they’ll be around 28mm. I’d rather them be 28mm wide and plump out to a 31mm though. Then again, it is a performance tire…

      • you sure? because so far, all 28mm tires I’ve mounted on HED Belgium rims have been 28mm wide…

        • It depends on the tire for sure. My Challenge Roubaix measure 31mm and my Conti 4 Seasons (I think that’s what they were), measured 30mm

          • alex

            Do the challenge roubaixs fit on most road bikes? w/ duraace calipers for example?

          • They measure 30.8mm on HED Belgiums. So it depends.

  • Erick Bollmann

    i think this are made by vittoria

    • Ken Neville

      I love how fast the Vittoria Open SCs feel, but they cut easily and are a major pain to mount or unmount. I do not take them out on group rides; that is how much I do not trust them, and would hate to have to fix a flat with one of them out on the road.

      I have had very good luck with the Specialized BlackBelt on the Espoir line. If this tire is a marriage of the speed of the Vittorias with a little more peace of mind out on the road, I will kiss the V’s goodbye. We’ll have to see how these mount up.

      Also interesting to see Spec stick with the treadless centerline a la the Turbo, instead of the groove-and-chevron pattern typical of something like a Vittoria or a Panaracer. Lots of research lately into rolling resistance, and supposedly some big shifts in Specialized’s tire engineering over the last few years.