It’s Cold and Muddy in Texas Nov 16, 2014

The 2014 ATX CX Cup

… and it’s finally feeling like cross season. Embrocation, thermal jerseys and good gloves. Ok, it was only in the mid 30’s yesterday but it still felt cold!

  • ForrestCambron

    There was some cross races here in Boise yesterday. It was 11° and 7 inches of snow.

    • That’s pretty normal there though. It’s rare that Austin gets this cold and wet, this early in the year. All week the temps broke records.

      • ForrestCambron

        It’s not normal for the middle of November. Shit loads of records broken here too

  • Guest

    It’s not normal for the middle of November. We had shit loads of records broken too

  • charlesojones

    I’m a pussy from California – mid 30’s is fricken COLD!

  • VulcanEliteDelivery

    There was a night race in Alabama last night with temps below freezing and wind chill nearing the teens! Pretty gnar for the South.

  • Philippe Gilbert

    Cold? Come racing CX in Quebec, Canada. You’ll know the real definition of COLD.

    Did some cyclocross this morning on Mont-Royal with a nice -5 celcius for two hours. And that is nothing. First snow of winter.

    • Sure, but Texans don’t live in Qubec.

      • Philippe Gilbert

        Wish I had your weather… But with the climat changing quickly, you might end with 10 inch of snow in january hehe.

        • You really want four to five months of 80% humidity and 100 degree weather?

          • Philippe Gilbert

            Huuuuu well… nah hahaha! I handle cold better than heat!

            What I prefer is to cross the borders and go south for the winter. Enjoying the best of both world.

            Au Quebec y fait frette en sacrament mon cher.

            I’ll probably be completely depressed for the next two months spinning legs indoor with a trainer that I hate soooo much. But that I also need so much. We’ll go through…

  • Brian Sims

    Ugh, it was sunny and upper 60’s on my Mt Lukens, Grizzley Flats ride today in LA. Perfect cycling weather.

  • Simon Schnyder

    We had a pretty muddy C2 cross race
    in Switzerland yesterday. It was warm, but there were definitely tough
    conditions with bike changes every lap, at least for the pros.

  • im from the sonoran desert n worked 7 montreal winters just moved back to Tucson and i must say its all relative… love riding my fgfs as work bike on snow ,then again shorts in November :) hard to not dig… either way its all about finding what works for where your riding… next up check how the bullitt handles while bombing mt lemmon :)