Chapman Cycles: Elton’s Trailer Nov 20, 2014



Personally, I’ve never seen a framebuilder make a trailer for touring but I’m glad to have found this one made by Chapman Cycles on their Flickr. The details on this thing are great! See more at the Chapman Flickr. Oh and, this is Elton’s bike that he’ll be pulling it with.

  • Scott Felter

    It is indeed beautiful…like a supermodel BOB!
    I, however, fear that this thing is going to bounce around like a mutha without any damping on the suspension…this is something that the BOB IBEX really suffers from.

    • boomforeal

      wow yeah, a truly bespoke bob

      don’t tell morgan you can’t dh with one

    • Brian Chapman

      Thanks Scott. And that is totally a good point. Unlike the IBEX though, this one isn’t meant for single track trails. The fat tire with low pressure combined with the elastomer provide an incredibly smooth ride on rough roads. I didn’t get to test it on our rooty New England trails! I try and describe it in detail here: