Trundling the Coast Oct 8, 2014

I’ve never ridden the Vancouver coast, but so far, what I’ve seen has me convinced it’s a pretty jammin’ landscape.

  • The next time Chris moves back (you know he will) you should come with.

  • mywynne

    Yeah, come visit!

    • mywynne

      So many ferries. I swear that 50% of my travel time in the summer as a kid was by boat.

      • Prawn

        x2. Kinda surprised how prominent the Coast is these days.

        • mywynne

          It’s a pretty sweet place to live. I always end up kicking myself for not getting out riding up the coast (from Vancouver these days)

  • bongofruit

    Whoa. Rain bulge!

  • lyle driver

    Holy crap, my BOB trailer has finally made its mark, with such a prominent role in a lifestyle bicycle touring video!

    Great job Andrew and Justin.

    And John, its probably time you got out here.