Tenspeed Hero’s New Skinsuit Oct 22, 2014


Racing in a skinsuit is the best, except for all the exhalation photos that get posted on your Facebook. You know, the photo where it looks like you’ve got a giant beer gut? So, if you’re going to race in a skinsuit, why not at least race in one that looks good? Black is very slimming, don’t ya know.

Not guaranteed to bring about “thigh gap” in men and women, but at least guaranteed to look good.

In stock now, along with many other things at Tenspeed Hero.

  • caliente

    Nice kit, good photographs, pretty people. tenspeedheroluke = best instagram

  • Jamie McKeon

    they have a weird amount of naysayers but i love what these guys are doing, endless compliments on their socks for those playing at home…