Sold Out: The Radavist Slipmats Oct 28, 2014


I’d like to think and hope that a lot of you listen to vinyl, or have always listened to vinyl. If either of those is the case, then check out these new, nifty slipmats. Black logo printed on super dense, somewhat rigid felt (the good stuff), each mat will ship in a padded mailer and easily outlive your tires.

Shipping these is pricier than I’d like, but they’re still $10 Domestic and $15 International. Limited run of 100. Scoop one up below!


Sorry sold out!


    Ummm, what next? Radavist condoms?

    • Who uses those?!?!

      Seriously though, I thought these would be fun and I’ve never seen a cycling brand do slipmats before. They’re a lot different than water bottles, but I’m into them.

  • primotapia

    Wow, awesome idea and it looks great! Unfortunately, I recently sold my Rega, so I need to figure out if I can replace the rubber mat on my Thorens with this.

  • Kyle C

    great idea, #radavistlifestyle

  • Good stuff. A cool slip mat to a vinyl fan is like a cool water bottle to a cyclist. Keep the interesting products coming. Unfortunately, it looks like they are already gone?

  • Mixxlplix

    I check this site multiple times per day stuff sells out in seconds. I will own a Radavist something one day.

  • carchiba

    Make more.

  • mark pikaart

    Doh! Sorry to miss out, super cool

  • Stef Chaton

    Sold out already…please make a re-print. My turntables need a new pair of slipmats ;)

  • DopePedaler


  • Gerald

    Awesome. It also seems like another run would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Any word on another production run of the rubber side up kits?

  • brieboyg

    totally rad. must get one to “spin the black circle” on!

  • cd

    more please…

  • alex

    When will these bad boys ship?

    • They shipped last week. Did you not get yours yet?

  • What!? Very creative. One of your best items yet.