SOLD OUT: The Radavist Decal Pack Oct 17, 2014


I’ve been meaning to restock this pack for a while…

$12 for (6) decals, varying in 1″ and 5″ in length, shipped world wide. Made from the highest quality, blackest ever black matte vinyl that won’t fade.

PLEASE limit one pack per customer to ensure everyone has a chance to order this time! If you order more than one pack, you will only receive one pack!

Sorry, sold out!



Sorry sold out!

  • barry mcwilliams

    I still have a few from the last drop, so I’ll sit this one out.

    Damn fine stickers though!

  • David Dang


  • Dobry

    Nice marmot(?)
    I vaguely remember you writing about this at some point, but what is the website’s mascot again?

    • It’s a Jackal with a long tail that it trips on and a scarred back from falling all the time. Rubber side up…

  • Adam Titone

    I just tried to order and it won’t let me. I am sending the vinyl to my bike shop not my credit card billing address

    • I don’t understand… What’s going on?

  • Sean Noonan

    Any idea when these will ship out?

  • when will they be shipped?

  • Eric Bones

    Hey John, I’m assuming all of these got shipped out, right? Never received mine :( going to double check that I had the shipping address correct

    • They shipped. But it took a while to ship them out… They should show up any day now.

  • Objetda Jaz

    Hey John are you going to release another batch shortly?