Stinner Frameworks is Growing Oct 28, 2014


There’s been big changes going on at Stinner Frameworks HQ. For one, Aaron moved shop out of his garage and into a brand new workshop and yesterday, Stinner Frameworks welcomed their newest shop hand to the family, Chris Ellefson aka Mini Bear.

Read all about it at the Stinner blog. As eluded to previously, I can’t wait for my new Stinner cross!

  • barry mcwilliams

    I’ve been working with Aaron & Chris on my new CX rig & they’re both great. Chris helped spec out a killer build & patiently answered a ton of questions about this part vs. that part & how can I keep the build under $XXXX dollars and what about this paint option…etc., etc…

    Seriously good folk and I can’t wait to ride the result of this collaboration!

    • Jake Riehle

      Sentiment Echo Alert: I’m getting a ridged MTB fork made from Stinner and Chris has been awesome, quick communication and great ideas.

    • David

      I have a Stinner road and am about to order a CX myself. You will not be disappointed. Amazing people, amazing bikes…Aaron…whats going on with that Stinner-owner group ride in the valley?

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    I worked with Chris briefly at Wheat Ridge Cyclery this past summer and he was nothing but a really chill, nice dude. Good luck at Stinner!

  • Kamps

    Aaron is a great guy. Waiting on a Stinner cross myself. Keep us posted on your build.