How Did You Spend Your Columbus Day? Oct 13, 2014



It should come as no surprise that I don’t really get a “day off”, especially for national holidays like Columbus Day and since the celebration is slightly politically incorrect (IMO), I like to think of the other Columbus…

So, how did you spend your other Columbus day? Did you ride a Columbus tubing bike?

  • LawPatrickus

    Wraith Fabrication Paycheck with Life main triangle and Zona stays.

    • GioFio

      God damn it I want one of those bikes. So bad.

  • GioFio

    I wish I had a Columbus tubing, but at least I spent the day riding in the Pacific North West!

    • Guest


      • LawPatrickus

        I’d trade for a day in that landscape. Midwest here

        • GioFio

          It was perfect this morning! The riding in the PNW is fantastic

        • zuhair

          Take your bike out to Cincinnati! We’ve got some decent roads out here. I spent my Columbo day stuck inside.

          • Trenton South

            Looks like Indian hill? I miss working at Montgomery Cyclery, then bombing down Camargo on my commute home

          • zuhair

            Yep! Back end on Galbraith, if I’m remembering correctly.

  • jBeckb

    Got out on a sunset ride on my SLX tubed, Chorus equipped, Concorde PDM. Can’t beat Indian Summer sunsets in the Bay Area.

  • Ultra_Orange


  • Devin Mooney

    I prefer to celebrate Bartolome Day, ala The Oatmeal… Y’all.

  • charlesojones

    Not Columbus, but I did spend some time on a steel bike today. A great mid-day, fall ride, with a coffee stop.

  • Brian Sims

    DeSalvo Columbus Zona

  • 1998 MasterXLight

  • Guest

    rainy but fun

  • Guest

    rainy but fun!

  • brieboyg

    sorry, but I rode True Temper OX Platinum instead of Columbus. my bad!

  • Ray Cashman

    Mark at Majaco is building mine. Columbus SL / Shogun lugs. Happy Columbus day

  • h salinas

    Put in a typical ride on my day-to-day bike, which is an SL frame Diamant from the 80s with DA7400. One of the nicest rides of any frame I’ve ever owned (probably why it has hung around while other bikes have been sold off)

    Completely agree w/ the Columbus day point. Shout to Seattle for making the swap

  • Guest

    Cromor of my Olmo Sanremo.

  • Guest

    1989 Olmo Sanremo, Columbus Cromor.

  • Guest

    handmade by Samuel del Valle, Chile,,,with Columbus KL