Spencer’s Icarus Forest Service Green Light Tourer

Ian at Icarus has been making random frames when he has free time in standard stock sizes, ranging from road bikes to everyday commuters or light tourers like this bike. He then sells them on his site and lets the customer pick out a paint color. That way, they can skip the queue and they only have to wait for paint, not the entire frame building process.

Spencer pounced on this bike when it went up on Icarus’ Instagram and immediately knew what color he wanted: Forest Service Green.

From there, it went to Circle A for paint and was built up with mostly spare parts. I sold him some shifters, he had a spare Wolf Tooth ring, some old race wheels and other random (well loved) bits and pieces. He ordered the PAUL-specific Paragon cantilever posts to give the touring cantis some added stiffness.

Yesterday, he took it all over town, on trails, roads and various errands. We shot it in front of a new mural over here on the East Side of Austin and you know what? I really, really like this bike.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    fork ends!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Good call on the Paragon mounts…might have to get some of those!

  • Márton Sógor

    Really like those colors!

  • Valdis

    Any reason as to why the headset is installed upside down?

    • People do that intentionally so the KING is inverted.

      • michaelvsShark

        any reasoning aside from style?

        • Just fun and style.

        • adanpinto


  • I know top/bottom Chris King cups are identical, but on a ride this sweet, that upside down headset has got to be flipped!

    • Dude… people do that intentionally.

      • All the cool kids do it intentionally.

        • I dunno, I’ve seen some pretty normal people do it. I’d say it’s done by a lot of bike shop dudes and bike messengers.

          • Zachery Small

            Definitely a cheeky mechanic thing. Loves this build Ian is killing it!

      • So it performs better ‘Down Under’!

        • Ray Cashman

          sometimes you gotta flip the scrip’

      • simonnix

        Conflicted about this. I’m all for ignoring ‘the rules’, but this upside down cups thing is like purposefully laying carpet so that the pattern doesn’t line up. Right or wrong, for some of us, it’s friggin’ torture to look at. I’m almost convinced the people who do it, do it because they know it makes me want to claw my eyeballs out. YOU WIN, YOU JERKS.

        Cup-pressing trends aside, that is a fine lookin’ bicycle.

  • Guest

    What’s that seat post?

    • michaelvsShark

      I’m guessing Paul Tall & Handsome:


      • Not Paul – I wanna guess Nitto.

        • raccoon

          Definitely not Paul. Nitto 626’s head is rounder and doesn’t have this much setback.

        • cookietruck

          dimension seatpost with the white screen rubbed off…

      • thebennonite

        Not Paul – I wanna guess Kalloy.

      • michaelvsShark

        def. not. paul.

    • simonnix

      It looks similar in shape to an old Ultegra 6600 post. They only made those in silver, though, so unless this was a custom powdercoat job, I have no clue. Wouldn’t mind knowing, though.

    • Spencer Brown

      I’m pretty sure it’s made by dimension, it came with my 2014 krampus ops. It’s heavy but i like the clamp design and the look of it

      • sebastian taege

        It is a Kalloy SP-343.

    • I think its a black one.

  • Such a great bike, love it! Funnily enough did I put the exact same tires on my also green Cross Check yesterday for its journey through the South Island of New Zealand.

  • Goog Smells

    Great colors everywhere on this bike. The pedals/frame have some great synergy, too.

  • Tom Saunders

    Are you going to straighten that valve up? It looks a bit wonky to me ;-) Jokes.

  • Really beautiful bike

  • AJ Tendick

    I wondered if my moon units were backwards and according to this build mine are but the allen placement makes it pretty tough to install this way (at least on my MKE frame).

    • Yeah, he had to install them “backwards” because of the cable hanger on the rear seat stays…

  • stateofnonreturn

    Is there a significant difference between a Light Tourer and a Tourer other than the 1X setup and mounts? Also, you gotta do a rerun of those hatchet flags John!

    • It’s mostly how much the frame has been designed to carry, wheelbase and trail. But yes, 1x matters too…

  • So nice!

  • ap

    do the paul specific canti posts make a discernible difference?

  • Jamie McKeon

    fkn mint

  • boomforeal

    a touring bike with no (rear) rack or fender mounts… now i’ve seen it all

    • tanner


    • Aaron

      Light tourer. Can camp for days with front panniers, basket/box, saddle bag.

      • boomforeal

        pft you can camp for a week with a garbage bag and a good pair of pockets. the question is why

        • Matthew J

          The more you carry the more your trip becomes about your stuff. At some point you may as well stay home.

        • Weird. I prefer to not tour with a rear rack.

          • boomforeal

            fair enough. its definitely the hip way to go

            to me, touring bikes are/should be highly practical. why limit the amount of stuff you could bring, or how you could carry it?

            i guess you could have multiple touring bikes for different types or lengths of tours. seems silly/fussy tho

            edit: wait, does the bike not have provisions to run a front derailleur, either? never mind, i was confused by the word “tourer”; i obviously have no idea what this thing is for

          • hence, “light tourer”…

          • boomforeal

            right. no steep grades or rain on a “light” tour

          • thebennonite

            I’ve heard it doesn’t rain in Austin… that is, until Yonder Journal comes to town.

          • Matthew J

            Hell, I know people who have gone coast to coast single speed with no outside support. Kind of old and uncool for the hipster tag, but whatever, huh.

          • cookietruck


          • cookietruck

            see no reason to rule out a rear rack by lack of braze-ons on a sport tourer or light tourer or whatever you wanna call it…

            i think there is a cable stop on the other side of the downtube. so could run a front der.

            but whatever, i imagine it’s a fun bike…

          • Icarus Frames

            Don’t get caught up in labels. John calls it a light tourer, some call them gravel grinders, on my own site I called it a hoverbike…Doesn’t matter at all. Spencer got a bike to ride and seems to be enjoying it. He can add a front derailleur if he ever wants it, and said he wasn’t interested in carrying a rear load. Bam its a bike getting used!

          • No Ian, it’s the HIP WAY TO GO. This bike isn’t practical. It should be destroyed. Listen to me and my intelligence!

  • Nealipo

    That fork is gorgeous.

  • Western Rapid

    I’m in Austin next week – is there a store where I can easily buy one of those Wolf Tooth chainrings?

    • Unfortunately, no. I dunno why people are slacking around here!

  • cookietruck

    am i missing it or is that thing not able to run a front derailleur?

    • Most bikes use a clamp-on front derailleur. This is one of those.

      • cookietruck

        right. i was curious about cable stops. i think i can barely see the other one in pic 11 now that i look (much much) closer…

  • peterlombardi

    Curious about who sells the bottles? Thanks :)

    • Spencer Brown

      From Steven Nereo, here http://shop.stevennereo.com but he hasn’t made any for a while..

      • peterlombardi

        Thanks Spencer! Rad bike man, looks like a blast :)

  • thebennonite

    One of the top 10 bikes this year?

  • Joe Beswick


  • Oli Brooke-White

    Very cool.

  • KT

    This is definitely one of my most favorite bikes you’ve posted. That color is great.

  • h salinas

    daaaaamn! had no idea Ian did “stock” framesets. Is a dream bike somewhat closer to reality…?

  • hans

    you’ve heard me say this already spencer, but this thing is sick!

  • Paolo Baroni

    What is the Ral code for this green?

  • Andrew Ratzke

    People are always experts on other people’s bikes…

  • Western Rapid

    This is one of the coolest bikes I’ve seen on this site – and it just keeps getting better and better. Can’t stop looking at it.

  • Brad

    Looks like a lovely build. Not sure on the hate about no rear rack mounts and a front mech. I can’t stand anything on a bike that dosen’t need to be there (Lights etc always off when not needed). I think people forget you can choose what suits you and your riding style when having something made.

    Front mech will be old hat someday soon, and as for racks… less is more. The less you lug around touring the better.

  • Nykolas Crovetto

    What is that finish tape on the bars? Just a bit of cotton bar tape?

    • Newbaum’s

      • Nykolas Crovetto

        That is what I figured. Thanks John.