Shand Cycles: Stoater All-Road Bike Oct 16, 2014


Shand 4-30

Shand 5-163

Shand 6-151

Lifestyle photos by Chris Blott

Shand calls the Stoater a “cross bike for people who don’t race cross” and here in the States, bikes like this get labeled “gravel grinders” or “adventure bikes”. I like to think of them as all-road bikes.

The Stoater can be run as a singlespeed, geared or Rohloff. Shand achieves versatility through using a PF30bb, so it can accept a Beer Components EBB and the Paragon Polydrop dropouts with interchangeable inserts. This, along with modular cable routing, drivetrain swaps are easy. Built from Reynolds 853 with Deda and Columbus stays, the Stoater can take what you can throw at it.

See more of the Stoater at Shand Cycles.

  • Jack Luke

    Plus they’re hefty scottish

    • Dobry

      “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!”
      (Yes, I will make this comment on every Shand Cycles post).

  • Wade Stevens

    love me some 853

  • Guest

    I think I own this bike.

    • KT

      sweet Kona

  • naisemaj

    This has got to be one of the smartest “all-road” bike builds I’ve seen to date, those TRP brakes are really under-mentioned, but are way better than avids. I love the 3rd water bottle boss, too. And the frame, obviously ;].

  • Nolen Brown

    “generous tyre clearance (up to 55mm)” hope they’re just as generous with the good scotch