Royal H Cycles: Ruth’s Porteur Oct 9, 2014

Photo by Eric Baumann

A porteur bike is a great companion for city riding. Loaded or unloaded, it’s nestled in a sweet spot of trail and will quickly become your favorite all-arounder. I’m sure that’s what Ruth will find out soon enough with her new Royal H Cycles! See more at the Royal H Flickr.

  • nico

    what is the brand of the rack? :)

    • Looks like a Velo Orange Porteur w/ the rail off.

      • diddlebop

        Correct. They also did a couple custom stays to connect to the spools on the fork.

      • nico

        thanks Tinj i will check…!

  • Philip Kim

    What handlebars are those? VO Tourist bars?
    Also not generally into red bikes, but this is a subtle shade. Build is sick as well

  • Michael Ousby

    Sweet build, just looks simple and timeless.

  • Jamie McKeon

    that is a lovely machine.

  • Tyler Shannon

    I’ve got a single speed that looks like this, and it’s my most versatile bike. coffee runs, grocery trips, even commuting to work. it’s fantastic

    • ap

      get outta here. a bike that can be used for getting coffee or for getting groceries or riding to work! believe it when i see it.

      • Tyler Shannon

        well here is the thing. in the same way that you absolutely could knock out a century on the road riding a mountain bike, it would be a whole hell of a lot easier riding the machine built for it (a road bike). my point was, out of all the bikes I own (Road, SSCX, mountain, track, and porteur) the porteur is the best all arounder. The upright position, the basket, the swept back bars, ability for fenders, all make it easy to take anywhere. purpose built machines are great for doing the thing they are designed for.

  • ap

    that microshift thumb shifter looks very nice on there. I’m curious to try one.
    Awesome frame and build.