Rivendell People Oct 30, 2014

This is an old video by internet standards, but it’s a great look into what makes Rivendell tick: the people behind it. Check out out for some great video sections of what it’s like to tour in the hills outside of Walnut Creek, California.

  • evilgordon

    Re-watched that just yesterday. Great stuff. Well worth repeat viewing.

  • lite104me

    Having bought a bike from Riv about 10 years ago and living 250 miles away I have experienced being both an internet customer and once a year maybe, also stopping by the warehouse/shop/headquarters. The vid does a nice job of conveying what the folks there are actually like. Mark always remembers my name. The Rich-built wheels have lasted for thousands of miles of overloaded touring on all kinds of paved and dirt roads and have never needed to be trued. I was talking to Grant one day at HQ about Bob Dylan and did not know who he was until I asked one of the other employees when he left the room – I had even mentioned something to him about how “that Grant guy loves Dylan I guess” but he didn’t say anything. Another time, Grant personally deburred the ends of cables that someone else had cut for me because he didn’t like the way they looked when I was holding them. It really does feel like a local shop of a bunch of easy going people who all want to provide the best customer experience possible. And, I love their Jack Brown Green tires that have been on my IF Club Racer for the last six months. You might pay a little more for a bike from them, but, if you value the little things like Mark talks about in this video, you will not regret your purchase and your bike will provide a lot of trouble-free riding in all kinds of conditions and situations – at least mine has.

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  • ABW

    Of all the myriad things Rivendell does right and different, I cannot overstate how much I respect Grant’s transparency about the nuts and bolts of the business. I’m sure he has more freedom because it’s still a private company, but I refuse to believe any other brand would have the balls to tell you how much they make. It’s really hard not to trust somebody who’s willing to lay that out there, especially when so many objections are because of money and perceived value. “You think I’m getting rich because I’m charging what I charge?… Think again…”

    • Trust me, I know what you mean. Public, or in his case, customer perception is a difficult thing!

  • Jake Kruse

    good people doing a good thing. riv bike gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.