Portland Design Works Lars Rover™ 650 and 450 Lights Oct 14, 2014

Portland Design Works introduces their new USB charging commuter lights, the Lars Rover™ in 650 and 450 lumens. Each light has five modes, depending on how you want to use them. For me, a 2 hour battery life on light like this seems pretty good, especially coming from a lamp without an external battery pack. That takes it out of the strictly commuter, blink light mode into some trail romping.

Looking good, PDW.

  • Nick Valdes

    Wow that’s a nice price for what looks to be a solid setup. PDW continues to impress with reasonably priced lights with higher quality circuits and hardware. Thanks for posting John!

  • Jan-Erik Lindroos

    Looks like another light with flashlight optics for blinding on coming traffic. Who really needs blinking light with 450 lumens?

  • Lars

    I’m tempted to buy just based on the name.

  • erik

    PDW here. We knock the power output down to 120 lumens for the flashing mode because 450 or 650 lumen is waaay too bright for flash mode.