Ox Blood Red Stinner Frameworks Road Oct 14, 2014


This machine was a piece of cake for Santa Barbara’s Aaron Stinner. Or rather, the customer was a piece of cake. As a returning client, he knew exactly what he wanted. Something simple, clean and efficient. The only stipulation was it had to have Dura Ace on it and a set of Luxe Wheelworks.

Aaron contacted Justin and they both got to pick out the wheels, leaving the rest of the frame for Aaron to design. The customer even let him pick the color scheme and and all the components.

It just happened to be Stinner’s 100th bike as well and the last bike to be built in his garage. Not a bad way to bid adieu to his hold shop, huh? See more below!





  • Patrick Murphy

    I love ox blood (the color, not the fluid) and this is a stunning frame, but I gotta say I was slightly bummed to find out the purple/red combo in the top pic was the result of shadows and not a wild paint scheme.

    • paul cihak

      I thought the same thing. Looks like the mask form the Scream movies.