Michael’s Serotta Cross Bike

There are many seasoned road cyclists here in Austin and a few of them try their hand at cross racing once their season ends. Michael is one of these dudes. He’s got a big motor and is honing his skills in the dirt. This season, he’s made it out to the Beat the Clock Urbocross series and other USAC-sanctioned races.

If you’ve attended any, you can’t miss him. Or this bike. NY-made Serotta Ti frame, State wheels and Dura Ace, lightened and made more efficient with a Wolf Tooth narrow wide ring. Since Michael’s still getting used to the dirt, he’s taken a few spills, but always gets up, ready to rip. Note the missing faceplate on his right shifter.

I love titanium frames, especially on off-road bikes and this one’s a great example of the quality that Serotta produced.

  • jakers


  • callum

    Stunning rig, just curious as I’m about to set up my 1×10 cross bike, is the inside of the crank tabs the best position to go for? I’m assuming it’s all about the best/optimum chain line?

    • Wade Schultz

      Yes, on most road double cranks, the inside position is best. Sometimes it’s not feasible because of chainstay clearance, but rarely so.

  • James Swanson

    Love it! But is that a cable to nowhere? My Fierte Cross remains my favorite cross bike to ride.

    • mywynne

      Good eye! Sneaky, lazy, creative? I dunno which, but I kind of dig it.

    • Michael Sheehan

      Very good eye! A crafty mechanic friend tied the cable off at the down tube to keep the left shift/brake lever from moving around

  • h salinas

    Literally nothing I don’t like on this build. Serotta American made Ti, Thomson, Wolf Tooth, DA (incl. the slick 7800 cranks), and great shots of a bike that looks like someone actually rides it. Big ups!

  • Florian Gruet

    this is so cleannnn!

  • MJR77

    That’s pretty dope. I have a (non-custom) Serotta CX bike and it’s one of the best frames I’ve ridden.

    • Felix

      nice one! even a travel version! could use some fixing on the color-scheme though.

      • MJR77

        Agreed- my LBS ran with that color scheme (with my blessing), but next refresh will go back to black bar tape and cable runs.

        • Felix

          White saddle and bartape could also work nicely with the white decals. or black tape and white hoods.
          so much possibilities!

  • Steven Keyes

    How deep are those rims??

  • Boris del Cid

    rad as hell. i’m new to CX though, is it normal that the canti front break cable is a little off center to the right? does it affect anything at all?

  • c_j_drawbridge

    If I could bring just one bike company back from the grave, Serotta would be it…