The Marymoor Crawl Oct 14, 2014

… four minutes of track standing on a velodrome, finished off with a sprint finish. It’s easy to see why this is a crowd favorite!

  • How cool is that, my kind of racing!

  • Jorge Hernandez

    That was awesome

  • brieboyg

    Seattle (Redmond) has a great cycling scene. Having an awesome velodrome track in a public park with fun events like this makes it a great place to live if you like to ride bikes. This is also the home of the annual MFG Cyclocross “StarCrossed” event, which is just a blast. Big names in US and European cyclocross show up to compete following “Cross Vegas”. The last year I raced the event, they had well over 2000 racers!

  • sssasky

    I like that one of the last dudes standing before the sprint was a guy in baggy shorts and sandals (dabs at 3:25).

  • charlesojones

    But I’ll bet they can’t bunny-hop barriers… o/ … :-)